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Hockey is Love: So Make COLORBARS!

Hockey Colorbars
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Hello, and welcome to hockey_is_love, a Livejournal community made especially for hockey fans to post hockey colorbars proclaiming their love for, well, hockey (including the game itself, teams, players, etc.)

What exactly is a colorbar, you may ask? Basically it's just a rectangular graphic with images of a certain subject, in rainbow colors (remember ROYGBIV?) Examples are posted on the community.

- HOCKEY colorbars ONLY. This includes players, teams, the game in general, etc.
- Post ALL colorbars behind an LJ-cut.
- No advertising--this goes for LJ communities too.

You may request or post your own colorbars. Please read the rules below for details.
- As said above, you can request a colorbar. If you are requesting a colorbar of a player(s), please also include what team(s) he/she/they play on, as well as the league that team is in, and include pictures (behind a cut) if possible.
- When posting your own colorbars, make sure you include the subject of the colorbar. If it's a player or players, include the team they are from, and the league (if it's not a professional league such as the NHL or AHL and/or is not based in North America.)

Need to figure out how to make a colorbar? Scroll down a little bit in the userinfo of the ___is_love colorbar community for some tutorials.

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- starrathena

LAST UPDATED MARCH 2, 2005 (5:59 PM ET.)