KyBu's only Legal American Fan (panda_check) wrote in hockey_is_love,
KyBu's only Legal American Fan

Yay color bars!

So I've got a few colorbars for everyone. And I'm bored, so requests are more than welcome.

Brad Larsen is Love!
Brad Larsen is Don't mess with me, Chi-town love!"
Made by: panda_check

Foppa is Love!
Peter Forsberg is Colorado/Sweden hockey love.
Made by panda_check

Boosh is Sexy Goalie Love!
Brian Boucher is sexy Coyotes Goalie love.
Made by: panda_check

Simmy is Lisping love!
Jon Sim is Philly Hat Trick With a Lisp Love.
Made by: panda_check

Voce has back love!
Tony Voce is "Voce has back" love.
Made by: panda_check

So, everyone knows the deal => comment, credit... <3

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